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Default Re: IGN bashes Microsoft PC game support

Originally Posted by JohnDio View Post
And no. I preffer Deus Ex 1. I prefer System Shock 2. I prefer FEAR 1. Because they were BETTER games.
You picked some good examples, but on the whole when people say "old games were better" it's often nostalgia talking, like when I insisted Quantum Leap was a great show a couple years ago, only to see the DVDs and realize it was terrible.

It's always good to judge a game based on its own merits as well, rather than holding it up to a previous one. FEAR 2 on its own is a really great shooter... Bioshock on its own is a really great shooter with some RPG elements... even Deus Ex: IW is a pretty good game, once you get past how not Deus Ex it is.

I guess my point can be summed up as "PC gamers focus more on what a game is not than what it is," which is the essence of pessimism.
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