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Default Re: ASUS MK241H LCD?

That's the problem dude finding a 24" panel with small imput lag, good color, no bad backlit bleeding with good black blacks. With a TN panel the input lag is good but the backlit, color and viewing angle is horrible. To me IMO the IPS S-IPS and the e-IPS is the best balance. The reason I got the 22" is because I will get a new Video card soon and I want to run 99% of all the games out there @ 1680x1050 maxed out with Vsync on. I wanted a 24" really really bad and was willing to shell out 600+ for it but every time I found one I liked there was some damn issue with it, bleeding, banding, inputlag, response time, color gamut, viewing angle and on and on...............

Good luck dude. What ever you decide let us know & how you liked it.
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