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Originally Posted by ir123 View Post
Thanks, that's good to know. The vf post processing isn't that effective in bettering the picture anyways. I don't know if deblocking/deringing could be implemented in vdpau but it would be nice.
For me too please. Deringing and deblocking is very useful for watching video clips on the Internet when resizing to full screen. ATI released this feature as Fullstream technology on Radeon 8500 (pixel shader 1.4). S3 Chrome has such feature in every Chrome GPU since pixel shader 2.0 (the amount of effect can be controlled by user using 7 steps slider) . I never found such possibility in any Geforce. So on Geforce GPU it may be not possible to do even having pixel shader 4.0. Opensource Nouveau Geforce driver supports bicubic scaling on Geforce 4Ti when binary Nvidia driver have only bilineral so this example shows some limitations may be driver architecture problem rather than hardware limitation. Nvidia does not offer bicubic and deblocking also in Windows so they may simply not have know-how to make it. This may be also the lack of time limitation. Nvidia is always focused more on 3D than video or 2D. However the impressive success of VDPAU and XRender acceleration show that Nvidia is learning so I'm sure some day deblocing/deringing and better scaling algorithm will appear on Geforces. The low resolution/blocky video clips on the Internet, (which really need quality improvement during display) are very popular and I think Nvidia will not overlook this market to satisfy customers with new visible improvement the customer can see very often.
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