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Default Re: Visual Studio 2008 & .NET

Originally Posted by x0rcis7 View Post
I recently received a book on visual studio 2008 and after reading the first few chapters, I realize it says that compiled programs require the .Net framework. Im wanting to learn a programming language but from what it seems, learning visual basic would be a Complete Waste of time since it requires .Net. Is there anyway to create a project without the need of .Net. Why would someone want to waste this valuable time on VB when learning C++ would be 10x more beneficial? Thus said, should I forgot about VB and start with C++ since compiled projects can be distributed to any and all computers and work fine?
1) "Compiled programs require the .Net framework" is false, and really makes no sense. A compiler translates source code from one language into another. Whether the resulting code requires the .net framework is a completely separate issue.

2) Visual Basic does not require .Net, please try again.

3) If you are totally opposed to using the .Net framework, I would be curious as to why you bought a bloody book on it?

4) Learning C++ may or may not be more beneficial than learning Visual Basic. FYI managed C++ *does* run on the .Net platform, but most people don't consider it true C++.

5) Compiled C++ programs obviously will *not* work on any possible computer. You are terribly confused here. Computer programs with perfectly portable code can potentially be re-compiled for a platform and then *may* work properly. That is much different from distributing the binary and expecting it to work on one of the many architectures/platforms out there. Java has a "write once, run everywhere" motto which is partially true, so maybe you could look into Java development if that's really what you want. FYI Mono provides a .Net implementation for Linux.
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