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Default Re: Steam Weekend Deal: COD WAW @ $25

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
Crysis was as scripted as any COD game. Dunno where this great opinion of Crysis came from as some open ended game. I'd say if you want open ended then GTA IV would easily win that catagory. Crysis was a tech demo with an ok story. COD games are always amazing stories. I loved the end of COD4. COD WAW was a great SP experience too. Both are much better than Crysis or Warhead.

You guys have your own sub forum. Now get back in there
COD games always have "great stories?" Hmm, I am willing to bet many people would argue with you on that.. CoD gets the action/shooting right, the stories are pretty minimal (well, when I think about it, MW had a passable plot).
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