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Default Re: IGN bashes Microsoft PC game support

Originally Posted by Buio View Post

You are totally missing the point. It is not about PC gaming is fine or not. It is only about the fact that Microsoft do not believe in their own product.
You're missing the point. It have nothing to do with belives. MS know that they will not make big money from gaming OS, gamers will buy their new Windows either way ( look at Vista it was worse for games than XP but people bought it for other reasons). So they know that they can leach more money from console gamers and supporting PC as a gaming platform can only hurt their console buisness. The point is that they getting cash from PC gamers only when gamers buys a new OS while on console they gets money from every game that console gamers buys. So honestly consoles are just better machine to rape gamers pockets and supporting PC gaming is only an threat for their rapingconsolegamers business machine.
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