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Default Re: Splinter Cell: Conviction Teaser

Originally Posted by RAY16 View Post
Half right. The "Next-Gen" version was made by Ubisoft Shanghai, however the original Xbox version of Double Agent was made by Montreal and from what I understand is better than the 360/PC version.
Yeah, it was decent. It depends on what you're looking for...

The 360/PS3/PC version of Double Agent has a lot of bugs, especially on PC, and is pretty short/simple... the "undercover" levels I thought were awesome though, and did "stealth in the light" better than Assassin's Creed did, in my opinion.

The Xbox version was basically Chaos Theory with new levels, though not quite as good. It felt somewhat redundant to me and I never even finished it, and that's coming from someone who practically worships Chaos Theory.

If anyone here hates Double Agent because of the crappy PC version I urge you to get the 360 game for cheap and try it out. It has AA and HDR together, it runs great and has very few glitches and certain levels are very, very cool.
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