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Default Re: IGN bashes Microsoft PC game support

Originally Posted by jAkUp View Post
Actually I think that PC gaming is cheaper than ever.

There once was a time when you needed a high end $400 Voodoo card just to run Quake II at 50FPS at 800x600 16bit color with no AA/AF! There were no cheaper cards that would give you this experience, you had to shell out for a Voodoo.

Nowadays a $120 GTS 250 can run almost every game at high resolution with a low level of AA/AF.
Keep in mind though that back then, console gamers were playing in software mode. The 3D accelerators with their hardware rendering were above and beyond anything we've ever seen.

Jaggies weren't an issue or AF... and most consoles were running at 320x240. So a 800x600 was a really high res back then
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