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Originally Posted by LydianKnight View Post
I don't agree with you, any language can be learned from the ground up if you're able to understand its principles. C was the first language I learned and I didn't had any problem working with it.

Haven't said C++ is a better C, but it's not a whole different language per se, it's more like an extension to C, and remember variables, macros, defines, operators and structures are the same from C to C++ (the latter adds OOP-related practices, ok... but the basics remains the same).

No, I was explicitly thinking on C++ when I talked about a method...

Don't take me wrong with this answer but... didn't anyone told you variables and functions inside a class are respectively called 'attributes' and 'methods'?

Looks like a weird statement for me, to be honest, although no offense intended
C++ *is* an entirely new and different language, and the creator of C++ says as much. It is *not* a super set of C, nor is it C with extensions. No doubt C influenced C++, much as how C++ might have influenced Java, but so what? Languages very often are influenced by previous others.

The C++ ISO standard does not use the term "method" - what you describe is called a "member function." Remember, the C++ standard (a document, basically) is the authoritative source for C++, not the misinformed people who were babbling on to you using incorrect terminology.
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