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Default The KDE4 window resizing issue

Ever since (1+ years) I have been using KDE4 the window resizing has been always choppy, especially when the Wobbly Window effect is turned on. I have used Nvidia 7800, 8600, 9500 cards in the last year. All of them have the same problem. When I am resizing a window, my refresh rate drops to 2-3FPS. This is valid for all driver versions that I tried (from 17x.xx to 180.51) .

Why is this obvious bug not resolved yet? Everytime there is an official release I see updates to the vdpau, opengl3, ... stuff on the changelog . These are nice things and I am sure the Nvidia developers have fun programming such stuff. But come on... window resizing is something very basic and should not be an issue in 2009. Is it perhaps time to give this a hand?

Please enlighten me about the story of this bug.
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