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Default Re: Steam Weekend Deal: COD WAW @ $25

I've played several missions now and I can officially say it's worth 10 dollars, no more. I really like WWII Shooters but this one is just a so so game. If I could have played a demo I wouldn't have bought it for 25 dollars. If you just want something to play it's definitely playable, but not nearly as good as I expected it to be.

EDIT: I just got through playing the first Russian mission where you're a snipper and it was really fun, so maybe it's worth 25 bucks after all. The opening cut scene for the Russian mission was very cool. So maybe I spoke too soon.

EDIT: I just finished two more Russian missions and both of them were very good. Now I'm back on the American side against the Japs, maybe I'll like these missions better than the first ones. At least I hope I do. I've always like COD but I didn't like the way this one started, but it's starting to take shape now. Maybe it's just a slow starter.
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