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Default Re: Windows 7 Build 7127 x86/x64 leaked

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here is my take so far. i have windows 7 7000 on my main workstation at work and on my wife's laptop. it has been 100 solid so far. and with that in mind, at work, i have anywhere from 10 to 20 apps/windows open at once doing everything under the sun and not once has it failed me. i have had a few windows errors here and there, but amazingly enough, the windows troubleshooter actually told me the solution and got me started fixing it - never seen that before. also, i infected my workstasion with 2 viruses as a test to see of my AV would clean it and if windows 7 would not get all pissed off. sure enough, everything is fine. virus free and windows is humming along.

next, i have windows 7 7100 on my tablet PC. no issues waking or sleeping, and that anooying Intel wifi buig from build 7000 has been fixed. it's been solid and fast. it uses 22% ram upon bootup of my 4GB in my tablet.
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