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Default Re: Palit 9800GT fan very loud under Linux

Originally Posted by Thunderbird View Post
Have you tried nvclock yet? It allows fan speed adjustment. Though I might not support your type of 9800 yet.
No, I haven't tried that yet, because I nowhere read about it yet.

Please consider that to try this I will have to change my videocard again and then spend some time finding the application (?) and testing it. This will take a minimum of say two hours but usually it takes much longer.

Before doing this I'd rather know if this problem is known and has been addressed. Doesn't Nvidia have a problem database?

BTW. Some months ago there were pages on the nVidia site where one could check how much faster a new video card would be compared to ones old video card but within the same PC configuration. Is that still available? I would like to know how much faster a 9500GT would be compared with a 7600GT and how much slower than a 9800GT...
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