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Default Re: Video Memory needed for 720p / 1080i?

Originally Posted by tji View Post
I set up my new Mac Mini for dual boot between Mac OS X and Mythbuntu 9.04, and updated the MythTV builds to the VDPAU capable versions (from the Avenard repository).

When I have playback set to use VDPAU, 720p works fine, but 1080i doesn't play - it gives me an error message in the Myth GUI.

My Mini has the default 1GB of RAM, meaning it has 256MB of video memory. Is this a factor?

Are there any other tips for people using the nvidia-based Mini? I'm guessing this is a very common HTPC platform.
As far as I'm aware, having 1GB of RAM, only gives you 128MB of video memory, which may not be enough.
To get 256MB of shared video RAM, you must put 2GB of RAM.

You say you get an error in the log, which one is it ?
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