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Default Re: Visual Studio 2008 & .NET

Originally Posted by Zhivago View Post
C++ *is* an entirely new and different language, and the creator of C++ says as much. It is *not* a super set of C, nor is it C with extensions. No doubt C influenced C++, much as how C++ might have influenced Java, but so what? Languages very often are influenced by previous others.

The C++ ISO standard does not use the term "method" - what you describe is called a "member function." Remember, the C++ standard (a document, basically) is the authoritative source for C++, not the misinformed people who were babbling on to you using incorrect terminology.
you seem to be caught up on the details an awful lot there when most people who touch code will not care about slight terminology differences (you obviously don't agree, but we are not taking a test here.)

All the basics of programming that need to be learned before you start playing with the power tools can be done in C, or C++. Once you get the basics its not hard to apply them elsewhere.
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