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Default Re: Palit 9800GT fan very loud under Linux

Originally Posted by Jaap v Ganswijk View Post
No, I haven't tried that yet, because I nowhere read about it yet.

Please consider that to try this I will have to change my videocard again and then spend some time finding the application (?) and testing it. This will take a minimum of say two hours but usually it takes much longer.

I just restarted my PC with Linux again (with my passively cooled 7600GT still installed) and typed nvclock and it said I had to install it using apt-get which worked as quickly as usual. The application now works as I hoped for. I can change the fan speed of my fanless 7600 GT from 10 to 100. ;-) I assume that the fan control part is present in the chip even when there is no actual fan attached.

I'll try nvclock with my 9800GT card tomorrow and will let know the results in this thread later.

Thanks for the very good tip! Please also include it in the docs on!

If it all works out as expected I will have a fanless, supercool, noisefree 7600GT for sale...
But what am I saying: supercool? It's GPU-temperature is 71 degrees celsius! Well most chips are guaranteed to work upto 70 degrees. Perhaps I should redesign the airflow through my PC?
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