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Default MythTV VDPAU tearing on Recorded and Live TV on startup of playing


Mythbuntu: 8.10 amd64
Memory: 4Gb
CPU: AMD X2 4400
GPU: NVidia 8200 IGP
DeInterlacing: Temporal 1x
Driver: NVidia 180.51
Kernel: 2.6.27-11-generic #1 SMP

Window Manager: ratpoison
Composite: Disabled
Connection: HDMI
Resolution: 1920x1080

Problem: During the initial start up of playing an HD stream (either live or recorded) the initial stream has tearing all over the screen. If I pause the input for a few seconds, and then let it resume, the tearing slowly stops and becomes stable. Occasionally this tearing will creep back in from time to time but the pause trick seems to correct it.

This problem is most pronounced primarily only on the start of watching live TV, however can be seen when viewing a previously recorded HD stream. I have 2 diskless frontends that are configured in the same way. The issue exists with them as well.


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