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Default Jaunty + 2.6.30 = very slow Compiz

[Update: I was able to produce an error log. See last post.]
Hi all,

I'm running Jaunty on my laptop with a Geforce Go 7300. By default it is running kernel 2.6.28, but as that kernel has some performance problems, I tried the 2.6.30 kernel from the mainline PPA (
This kernel installs fine with the nvidia drivers 180.51, 180.60, 185.18.08 and 185.18.10. However, I got a problem. As soon as I enable Compiz (System > Preferences > Appearance > Visual Effects > Normal), the whole desktop experience becomes very slow, i.e.:
- moving windows is stuttering, the edges are only updated once every two seconds
- menu's takes ages to load if I click on them
- The content of a window after an application has started changes seldom (although the application is not crashed: I can click and the app reacts, although I don't know what I'm doing as the window is not updated)

This happens with all the drivers I mentioned above and on kernel 2.6.30rc4, 2.6.30rc5 and 2.6.30rc6. As soon as I disable the desktop effects, everything is back to normal. Kernel 2.6.28 works normal.

I tried to make a log file (with driver 185.18.10), but I did not succeed. (After I went to the terminal with ctrl-alt-f1, typed 'sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop' and then did 'startx -- -logverbose 6' only gave me a black screen. I searched on, and some people have the same problem but I found no solution.)

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