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Originally posted by Data Drainer
Thats right for now, but also im kinda short of money and want to play hl2 on his PC and i know it will look awful on a FX, i know that sometimes he can be an annoying little ghit but still its not that funny after u think its 500 bucks wasted on something that says in the box that it will run dx9 fast and u end having to play under dx8.1 mode.
Sorry for my abrupt response, I was crabby.

You're right, no one deserves to get screwed over just because nVidia has the's kind of why I've been screaming about it all year too.

Tell him to hold off on his decision until the 30th since there are new cards coming out and prices will drop. (It's the truth, PLUS the HL2 benchmark will be available and it'll open up a lot of eyes. )
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