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Default Re: Low resolution on my M1730 with 180.22

Okay I hope this is correct, here's what I did:

1) enable driver 180.44-0ubuntu1 with envyng 2.0
2) reboot
3) max res in nvidia x server settings is 1400x1050, although on reboot it defaulted to 1024x768.
4) run "sudo"
5) revert to driver 173.14.16-0ubuntu1 using envyng
6) reboot, the resolution is back to 1920x1200
7) make a new bug report. both reports are in the attached zip file.

Thanks in advance, it'd be great to sort it. My main motivation is that unreal tournament 2004 crashes occasionally, maybe this helps? also, the compiz is a bit jerky.
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