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Default Re: MythTV VDPAU tearing on Recorded and Live TV on startup of playing

I just upgraded to the 185.18 Beta and it seems to have helped immensely. I am now working on pushing this through to my diskless stations.

As for the video being corrupt, no, I don't believe it is. Since I can force the "artifact/
tearing" by starting the stream in different spots.

For example: If I start playback 15 minutes into the clip, the effects will happen from that point forward until I pause the video. Once I pause the video and then resume, the effects are no longer present. But from Time index of 15 minutes until 15 minutes 20 seconds, there are these effects.

If I start the playback at 10 minutes the effect will be from the 10 minute mark until I pause and resume a few times. At which time it will play smoothly again... all the way past the 15 minute mark... with no issues.

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