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Thumbs up New editorial on Futuremark's new guidelines

Hanners has just put a new editorial up at EB regarding Futuremark's new guidelines which he doesn't cuss in enough as usual, but is a darn good read none-the-less for it.

However, the guidelines fail to answer several pertinent questions. Firstly, and most importantly, by using the guidelines we now have a description of the crime, but what is the punishment for committing the crime? As any police officer will tell you, to prevent crime you need a deterrent of some kind, and this is something which seems to be lacking here. What will happen to anyone who dares to break these guidelines? Will they simply be spoken to about them in private, or will they be publicly ridiculed? Will the scores in question be allowed to remain on FutureMark’s Orb database or will they be removed? If there is no punishment for breaking these guidelines, then there is no deterrent and thus no use for the guidelines in the first place.
Highly recomended even if it is blatant pimpage, Hanners is always a good read.
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