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Default Re: MythTV VDPAU tearing on Recorded and Live TV on startup of playing

Originally Posted by tmelhiser View Post
As for the video being corrupt, no, I don't believe it is. Since I can force the "artifact/tearing" by starting the stream in different spots.
Sorry, I didn't mean the clip was corrupt, but that the decoded result showed visual corruption.

This almost sounds normal; any time one jumps into the middle of a stream, if one isn't careful to jump to a legal "reference frame", then the decoded result may be corrupted.

Also note that MythTV contains a very old snapshot of ffmpeg, which is certainly missing some fixes for the code that calls VDPAU. This might also be related to your issue. I believe somebody is working on pulling in a new fffmpeg into MythTV, but I have no idea about the status of that project.
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