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Default Re: Cure for aliasing in GTA IV?

I managed to get it working in Vista64, but so far I managed to find only one "proper" resolution, 2880x1620@50hz (native is 1920x1080@60hz), so basically 1.5xSSAA

I tried it out in Lost Planet and yes it works and yes the performance hit is definitely there. Average fps were around 15-25, but it was quite smoother (30-40fps) actually at 1080p with 16xQ and with comparable image quality.

So yes its nice to have that addional option, IF the game doesnt have AA, IF SSAA doesn't work through Nhancer, and IF you have the necessary hardware that can deliver decent framerame. In such case it does beat jaggies any time and I'm glad these guys over at 3Dcenter found that solution/hack.

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