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Default Re: Palit 9800GT fan very loud under Linux

Originally Posted by Thunderbird View Post
Have you tried nvclock yet? It allows fan speed adjustment. Though I might not support your type of 9800 yet.
Bad news.

The nvclock that I downloaded using 'apt-get install nvclock' installed the about-a-year-old v0.8 Beta3 version which doesn't recognize my card yet, but can read it's temperature correctly.

I downloaded the source of the latest (Beta4) version and compiled it and it does recognize my card, but it doesn't read the temperature correctly (-394C).

I have emailed the author of the software who is probably the same 'Thunderbird' who mentioned nvclock for the first time in this thread with more technical details and questions about how I can help him develop his software further. From the software source I gather that the cards have used all kinds of temperature sensor chips over the years (some over an I2C bus and others not...)

Till later...

BTW. Some assistence from NVidia might help. These details are clearly not crucial industrial secrets. I already programmed for Dallas (now Maxim) temperature sensors via the Dallas single wire bus in the early ninetees which is comparable with the Philips I2C-bus which I also programmed for. Nvidia: Please make all non-strategical data available to avoid that end-users like me (who happen to understand these things) have to spend days fixing problems that should have been fixed years/months ago. Anyone know how these things are with the AMD/ATI chips?
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