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Default Re: Cure for aliasing in GTA IV?

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
That does look nice. I wonder if that method could be embraced and used as the major AA method in the future? Seems to work on any game, no matter what tech it uses.
For some reason I couldn't select the high resolution in SBK09, it just didn't appear in the list, max was 1080p. So there is a chance that actually the games aren't "unlocked" for higher-than-native resolutions or I messed it up because I couldn't be bothered to install the game on that OS where I ran the tests (I just started it by the launcher.exe).

Originally Posted by Toss3 View Post
Creating a custom resolution higher than my display's maximum doesn't seem to work at all.
Did you install the monitor driver with the unlocked resolutions? If you use your normal monitor driver it will never work because it locks the native resolution as the highest resolution. Once you unlock it with the monitor driver that has the limit at 9999x9999 (or you can create a custom one with Powerstrip) it should work.

Others already noticed that it doesn't work with every driver (Nvidia works on the custom resolution detector I assume?) so your milage may wary depending on video card/monitor you use.

I started to change only the horizontal resolution at first because apparently its not as picky as the vertical resolution, then I lowered the refresh rate to 50hz to make sure I didn't use more than 400mhz on the RAMDAC and added the vertical resolution and it worked. So far I didn't manage to double my native resolution, either my display ends up "out of range" although I definitly lowered the refresh rate enough (display can go as low as 25hz, 29hz, or 30hz @ 1080p) or the screen was totally messed up, I'm using the 185.85 driver.

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