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Default Re: Visual Studio 2008 & .NET

The C++ ISO standard does not use the term "method" - what you describe is called a "member function." Remember, the C++ standard (a document, basically) is the authoritative source for C++, not the misinformed people who were babbling on to you using incorrect terminology.
Ok, obviously we have a big difference in our opinions, but let me clarify a bit my situation for you:

Here in Spain (where I live and work) if you're going to get a government job or a job for a public institution like the health sector or even for the military, obviously they require you to have a deep understanding of the programming language you're going to use for them, because they enforce very strict regulations for some criteria like usability (if you're designing UIs), interoperability, easy-to-read code, well-established documentation, and some other factors.

I agree with you a good software developer is good at being precise, but that doesn't necessarily mean being good at being strict with your definitions, even this can be somewhat contradictory at some levels, but anyway...

I have never taken such jobs, I mainly do software development for small companies, the kind of company wants you to code a custom-made stock control application, accounting and a bit of access control, plus reporting and printing bills, and up to date, I haven't received any single negative review about my coding style, that's why I'm not that concerned about precision on the definitions.

Can I be precise on them? Yes... Do I really have (right now) any practical reason for me to follow a strict path on definitions? No...

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