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Default X crash/freeze when doing "cat 6Gb.text.file" in uxterm


I'm trying to setup my new desk and i have serious problem with X and nvidia module.

Crash procedure :
1 - create a 6Gbyte file of text (dump several times the *.c of linux kernel into it)
2 - startX with nvidia module activated
3 - open an uxterm
4 - run command : "cat 6Gb.text.file"
5 - wait

I'm seeing the screen flickering, and later, the Xserver hangs, sometimes i can still have access througth ssh, sometimes not.

I've tested on several hardware :
- Intel coreI7 with 2G of ram
- Intel coreI7 with 4G of ram
- Intel coreI7 with 6G of ram
- Another motherboard and proc with coreI7
- Intel bi quad xeon with 6G of ram
- with 1 or 2 nvidia card nVidia Corporation G72 [GeForce 7300 SE] , with only one screen activated on each card.

- gento 64bit
- debian 32bit
- ubuntu (don't remember 32 or 64)

- kernel
- kernel

- no boot param
- boot param "pci=nommconf" (witch lead to a complete immediate crash)

All the same : freeze/crash.
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