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Default Time for a Change to the Forum Sections...

I propose that you make these changes to the Forum.

-Open Graphics Discussion Forum

-Nvidia Product Fan Forum

-ATi Product Fan Forum

-XGi Product Fan Forum

-Tech Support Forum

There you have it. Basically the Open Graphics Discussion section will be like the Current Two Nvidia/Non Nvidia Sections combined into one. The Thing that will seperate the Nvidia, ATi, and XGi Fan forums is that No Obnoxious, aggressive, antagonistic, overly debative and other wise Contrary posts will be allowed. Closely moderated (if possible) to make it a clean enjoyable place for each Companies Fanbase. Strict Guidlines and enforcement on what people are allowed to get away with. I would even have a 3 strikes and your out rule for those forums.

It is simply that this Site is becomeing more and more open to all people. Its simply not the Nvidia hang out it used to be. I think its going to become even more Diverse with XGi comming out with compelling products. Lets not forget S3 and PowerVR to. The Open Forum would provide us a place to just post about all the stuff thats intrests us regardless of Company. Imho, it should be the main focal point of Graphics Discussions.

You may want to have a Flame Bait Section to where Threads from any area can be moved.

There you have it
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