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Default Re: Terminator Salavation - DVD retail bug

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
I'm happy with no physical media for my music, and I wish I didn't need it for movies, but... games I kind of like packaging. I guess because it's my main hobby I like having a shelf of them and such.

Sometimes I snap out of that silly mindset and go through a digital period... I'm pretty divided.
I would go completely digital with all my games if it weren't for Comcrap's bandwidth cap, regardless of cost. Though it is nice to strike a great deal on games that end up in Target's clearance bin. 007: Quantum of Solace is $19.99 on Steam, but I've seen it at Target for $3.47. I bought mine when it was $7.48 and thought it was a deal. That's retail's main advantage, aside from not having to download as much.
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