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Default FSX DX9 performance issues WIN7

Hi there!

I am having a few problems with FSX and Windows 7. Using DX10 preview in FSX gives me fantastic performance with 30+ framerates with most settings set to max. Now, if i uncheck DX10 preview, the performance suffers horribly. Instead of getting 30+ fps i am lucky to get 3+ fps.

I understand that DX10 will run a little bit faster than DX9 because it is more efficient... but the difference should be very small. In my case, it's huge.

My setup is as follows;

Q6600 @ 3.4ghz
4GB Gskill DDR 800
XFX 8800 GT
2 x WD 36GB Raptors in RAID 0
Windows 7 64bit Build 7100

FSX with Acceleration SP2

The same problem occured in Windows 7 x86 7100 too. I have tried clean installs, with and without service packs, different video drivers, all sorts really. Nothing has worked so far.

I've tried all combination of settings under DX9 to fix the problem, but even with everything down low, the problem still persists. The FPS jumps between 3 and 60 fps, it is very erratic and completely unplayable. I have absolutely no idea what is causing this, and i haven't been able to find many other people having the same problem.

I could just continue using DX10 preview, but i have some very expensive payware addons that won't work properly under the DX10 preview.

Any ideas on what the cause is? Maybe even a fix. I would be most grateful.

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