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Default Debian squeze AMD64/GeForce 9400GT/185.18.08: ioremap: invalid physical address

The thread title pretty much says it all. I tried idle=poll and pci=nommconf via grub, to no avail. I had the same problem with the current stable driver and one that was current several months ago.

Debian's free nv driver works just fine. I've got no nvidia-* packages installed after purging them (apt-get remove --purge, that is).

An NVIDIA card of a lower series (forget which) worked just fine with the then-current proprietary driver in the same machine until a cheesy fan bit the dust and the overheating GPU stank up my office.

Several hours of googling have gotten me nothing but eye strain.

Anyone have any idea how I might go about making this beasty work?

(nvidia-bug-report.log.bz2 attached; as plain text it was too big at 138k for vB to accept.)
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