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Default Re: Cant play Steam offline?

Well, I can't even get to the login part, it just says I'm off line, I click ok and it shuts down Steam. WOW! No wonder people use counsels. I have nothing but trouble all the time. I don't want to sound like a whiner but man! It always seems like I half to adjust settings, play around with this, play around with that, login here, login there, put my DVD in so I can play, type in my DVD key so I can install...oopse that didn't work, you need to call this number and reactivate your key code lol. I will start Crysis and it will be in windowed mode, I will put it back to full screen and it crashes. Can't play The Witcher because I already installed it in my old PC, e-mailed them and they never got back to me. Can't get sound out of the digital out (coax or optical) going into a Pioneer Elite SC-03 probably because HDMI sucks. This is just a small list of issues, I mean come on! WTF? Can we have some standardization?

I think I will be moving to councils my next time around.....
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