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Default Re: Cant play Steam offline?

Without trying to sound like a total jerk, those problems you mention seem to be caused by yourself and not the products. The whole point of PC gaming is that it gives us much much more freedom in comparison to consoles. I was actually reading something that describes your situation perfectly just this morning, take a look:

Originally Posted by TweakGuides
While Fallout 3 is not perfect by any means, and there are indeed some known issues with the game which will require patching (e.g. the 'micro-stuttering'/skipping bug), it is nowhere near as buggy or crash-prone as people are claiming it to be. Indeed every single major game which is released these days is labelled as being the "buggiest game ever", with hundreds of people flooding the game's forums to complain about how shoddy that particular game is, demanding patches and refunds in angry post after angry post. I'm not exaggerating either, it's now occurring for every single major game released, and quite frankly, it's become somewhat of a joke in my opinion. When I play every single one of these games, and write guides for them, testing them for hours and hours, I'm thoroughly confused as to how people can claim they are so buggy when I see no evidence of it. Either I'm the luckiest person alive, or there's something else at work here.

The simple truth of the matter is that PC gaming is a dual-edged sword. The very fact that a PC allows us so much freedom of choice as to what type of hardware we use, and what type of software we install on it, also results in much greater potential for a wide range of problems. PCs are not a 'plug and play' gaming machine, and never have been. If you want to just pop your game in the drive and play without a second thought, you'll need to do your gaming on a console. As a PC owner you need to be under no illusion that a PC requires regular optimization, maintenance and great care as to what you install on it. That's where I've tried as much as possible to give PC users the resources to do exactly that through my free guides. Ultimately however, as a gamer you have two choices: complain endlessly, blame the 'greedy developers', constantly beg for help and keep scratching your head over 'mysterious' crashes and issues. Or bite the bullet, learn more about your PC, learn how to configure, optimize and troubleshoot it properly, and wave goodbye to your PC gaming woes.
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