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Question Does Sacred Gold freeze the OS for you ?


I'd like to know if other people have had the same issue with Sacred Gold than I have.

Upon starting an Ancaria adventure, I had very soon a complete hard freeze. Sounds loops for a couple of seconds and then the system is totally frozen (cannot change console, no response from keybord, etc.) There was no error message in console and the debug file did not reveal anything. In the case of the gladiator, this occurred as soon as the character enters the arena at the beginning. I saw the same problem with other characters, and in the Underworld campaign.

This occurred in my 2 Linux distros (Mandriva 2009.1 and Arch Linux) with 2 different versions of the nvidia proprietary driver. My graphics card is a 7600GT AGP. It also happens if sound is disabled.

Now the weirder part. I was advised on Phoronix forums ( to try to disable AGP on my system. Indeed, using Option "NvAGP" "0" or Option "NvAGP" "1" in my xorg.conf seemed to fix the issue. I also played with the agpgart modules that I unloaded. But the strangest thing is that if I use my original options in my xorg.conf file, then I do not see the original crash anymore, even after hard reboot (where the agpgart module is automatically reloaded)!!! That's so puzzling.

Is there anyone with the same issue ? How could you explain the "repair" ? Thanks for your help.
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