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Default Re: Visual Studio 2008 & .NET

Originally Posted by hell_of_doom227 View Post
Actually it does have. I think you need to do research too. Btw you can do LINQ without lamdas with the same efficiency. Infact you don't need lamdas at all. How do i know that it runs fast? Cause i do loadtesting on enormous number of users and i can tell you that average time is less then 0.300s per transaction.

Speaking of which. Do you think it's more efficient to use GridView or custom written html renderer to render appropriate table?

I am not saying C# is worse then VB. Using C#.Net or VB.Net = same ****.
VB supports Lambda expressions, but not lambda statements.
Lambdas are not only LINQ related, but they go a long way in making your code more readable instead of using delegates (which VB kind of misses with how it forces you to use Function()).

IMO the differences between C# and VB are small, but I just like the way C# is written.
Some VB features are quite nice, like XML literals.

About the grid, we have Telerik's components which I really like, but for other projects I usualy use the default grid.
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