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Default Feedback from Redhat...

Heres some feedback from redhat on taroon drivers... the best part is that taroon has code that is 'back ported from 2.5.x,' After some checking around, i noticed people having the same problems trying to get nvidia drivers to work on the 2.6 kernel... so i guess when nvidia gets a ia64 build for the 2.6 kernel going it should work with taroon.

lets hope this is real soon or all the redhat advanced workstation workstations will be running ati cards...


Red Hat doesn't support Nvidia's binary drivers at all on any platform.
We do not approach vendors and ask them to speed up their proprietary driver release process for drivers we don't support either.

People who use their drivers however are of course free to ask them for
updated drivers, support, etc. if they wish, however Red Hat is not involved
in that process.

Nvidia uses their own proprietary agpgart, and does not use the agpgart
which we ship, so any fixes to agpgart that we provide won't affect users
using Nvidia proprietary drivers at all.

The problem described in the email you point out above, is because the Red
Hat kernel contains various enhancements over a stock 2.4.x kernel, which
have either been developed at Red Hat directly, or back ported from 2.5.x,
which change many kernel internals. The kernel does not have a
advertised ABI, and so proprietary kernel modules will break and require
their vendors to fix them to work with new kernels. Nvidia will have to
update their drivers to work with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 kernel.

Please contact Nvidia directly for any support issues/requests pertaining
to their drivers.

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