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Default Re: Unable to set correct resolution for GEFORCE 9400GT in Ubuntu 9.04

Hi Gwitty
I am not surprised and am pleased to see your post.
Try reducing your RAM to 2G, it may or may not be related however I would be interested to see if it is a bus or chip problem. (search the forum for my posts.)
I have several of the PCI version of these cards, they are a great idea, however I have also not managed to get any stable yet - like e.g. a 8500GT is although I've not ventured into the 185.xx driver series. I am also intrigued that the PCI card is recognised in the NVIDIA dirver software as PCI-E x 1, which I understood to be different to PCI. (!)
I think the driver support for these particular 9400GT chipped cards may not yet be stable. Please keep us informed.
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