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Default Re: Unable to set correct resolution for GEFORCE 9400GT in Ubuntu 9.04

Originally Posted by Gewitty View Post
I just spoke to the people who supplied the hardware (this is a new system, only a few weeks old). Their tech support is excellent, although they don't have much Linux experience.

They say that while there used to be a problem with systems running more than 3Gb RAM, this is no longer the case. However, they are noting quite a number of problems where people are using Ubuntu 9.04 and believe that this is where the fault lies.
Wrong. The log states exactly where the fault lies, the driver is unable to interpret the EDID provided by your monitor. Therefore it cannot compute / read valid modes, including resolutions, out of it.

However, the Linux driver seems to be more restrictive regarding EDIDs than the Windows counterpart, which in fact reads and interprets some EDID date the linux driver has problems with.

The suggestion was that I try loading the driver in Ubuntu 8.10, which they believe will solve the problem. I ran an 8.10 live disk session and installed the recommended driver (170), but this did not cure the fault, I still got low res graphics.
The solution would be one of the two solutions I proposed, which are, when applied correctly, guaranteed to work.

I have also come across references ( to an alternative driver, called Nouveau. This is an Open Source project and is allegedly available via the repositories, although it doesn't appear when I do a Synaptic search. Has anyone heard of, or used this?
It has limited 3D support, no powersaving features and is missing other things as well. Even though it is on a good way, I would never recommend it to a standard user as a nvidia replacement. Maybe as a nv replacement, yes.

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