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Default Re: Nvidia driver 180.60 will not install on kernel-rt

Originally Posted by davelaser View Post
Unfortunately it still hasn't actually fixed my pulseaudio stuttering problems :-(.
Pulseaudio in Fedora 10 is a disaster, too! In general, the sound environment
consisting of OSS, ALSA, ESD, ARTS, openal, SDL, Pulseaudio, Jack, etc.
violates the KISS principle! Therefore i decided to go "back to the roots" and
just use ALSA wherever possible :-) However, for X-Plane, I still had stuttering
until I selected "alsa native" as sound device in /etc/openalrc (instead of
the default "sdl") - seems like on Fedora 10, sdl uses OSS by default which
uses ALSA-based OSS-emualtion in turn, potentially causing stuttering.

Does somebody know a very good overview (including diagrams, etc.) that
shows how all that sound stuff interacts and how to configure it? So far, I only
found documents that handle one aspect, but not the whole picture.


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