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Default Re: Nvidia driver 180.60 will not install on kernel-rt

Originally Posted by JaXXoN View Post
Does somebody know a very good overview (including diagrams, etc.) that
shows how all that sound stuff interacts and how to configure it? So far, I only
found documents that handle one aspect, but not the whole picture.
I've been looking for the same info myself, and found this, which is a good start.

So unless you want the application specific volume settings pulse does, it probably makes more sense to go straight to alsa.

Also this is a good overview of sound in Jaunty, with some really useful info on setup and testing. It is 64 bit, but 90% of it applies to 32 bit as well. (I run 32 bit 'cos the BBC player uses Adobe air which is a real pain to setup in 64bit, but just works in 32bit)

In particular I found the stuff on getting the latest alsa version very helpful as my laptop (asus 6930G) soundcard was hopeless with the default Jaunty alsa version (seems to be prehistoric in laptop timescales).
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