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Default Re: Unable to set correct resolution for GEFORCE 9400GT in Ubuntu 9.04

Originally Posted by Dragorep View Post
Any chance of diagnosing why my PCI 9400GT is unstable?
Please open a new thread with your problem.

Having multiple problems from multiple people in one single thread makes it difficult to keep track of the progress.

You have some

[ 64.089049] NVRM: Xid (0002:00): 6, PE0001
[ 65.993611] NVRM: Xid (0002:00): 6, PE0001
[ 66.173872] NVRM: Xid (0002:00): 6, PE0001
[ 66.591321] NVRM: Xid (0002:00): 6, PE0001
[ 68.823141] NVRM: Xid (0002:00): 6, PE0001
[ 82.634963] NVRM: Xid (0002:00): 6, PE0001
[ 83.979711] NVRM: Xid (0002:00): 6, PE0001
[ 84.735160] NVRM: Xid (0002:00): 6, PE0001

which you might want to pass over to nvidia.

Stability problems are not always caused by the GPU or driver, but also by insufficient power supplies, temperature problems, broken (V)RAM and other hardware.

I recommend you

1) Open a new thread for this
2) Send the bug report to the e-mail address noted after running

Kind regards

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