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Default Re: Unable to set correct resolution for GEFORCE 9400GT in Ubuntu 9.04

Originally Posted by Gewitty View Post
That makes a lot of sense. I took a look at the appendix mentioned and it seems pretty daunting. However, I'll see if I can figure out which settings to alter and let you know what happens.

In fact, using a correct EDID file is usually a lot easier, even though you find a lot of how tos regarding this problem (as it is well known). Googling for nvidia edid linux (or similar) should give you lots of results.

So the first options to try would be, at least I recommend it that way, to

1) read out the EDID in Windows (if available)
2) look for matching EDIDs on the web
3) Use tools like the phoenix EDID editor (or similar) to create an EDID

The only option you would need then is

Option "CustomEDID" "string"

where "string" should be replaced with a full path to the file (e.g. "/home/myuser/myedid.bin"

The other way round you want to take a look at the options to disable the EDID or parts of it, and then either modelines or options like the HorizSync and VertRefresh etc.

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