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Question openGL gets "stuck" when window is selected (various drivers)

Hi All. This is an odd issue. I can't figure it out and have googled for a few hours to try to find similar issues. This happens on only a subset of computer here and other computers around the office here are not symptomatic.

In my application I am writing if I choose the window by clicking on the window itself the content stops updating. When going into the logs I get stuck on the first glBeing(GL_QUADS) call that I make after i select the window.

The exact same symptoms are seen when using glxgears. When I click directly on the gears bringing the window to the top it stops updating until i select another window.

The computer is a fully up-to-date Ubuntu 8.04, with screens configured in a two panel xinerama system (which I think might be a part of the problem).
Kernel = 2.6.24-23
X server =
Nvidia Driver (Installed from a deb package): 180.29

However, this is also happening on a fully-up-to-date Fedora 8 computer with a 177.81 driver. I have also removed the 180.29 deb package and installed the 180.51 driver directly from the .run package and it still occurs. The symptoms are the exact same. The problem does not occur for a while after a X-reboot, but only after half a day or two.

I have attached the nvidia-bug-report.log as well.
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