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Default Trouble with 8300 GS driving 2 very different monitors


I have read through Aaron Plattner's man "nvidia-config" list of options for the 180.44_2.6.27.19_3.2-0.1 release of the drivers under opensuse 11.1.

I have a dell plug and play flatscreen that is driven just fine at 1650x1080 through the vga port on my 8300 GS, under windows xp pro or under opensuse 11.1.

The problem is the second monitor, also plug and play, which is recognized just fine under windows xp pro, and works in xp as a 640x480x32 display. I can make it primary or secondary under windows and get my OpenGL application running on it, again, just fine.

Under linux, as soon as I plug the second monitor into the DVI connector, I cannot get the machine to boot properly, and I get no output on either display (the vga port still drives the dell monitor).

OpenSUSE 11.1 uses SaX2 for configuring the monitor. If I connect the second display monitor while the first is connected, I have to set the monitor to an "LCD 640x480@60Hz" display. I also set for Xinerama rather than cloned Multihead, but the system then under "test mode" it shows a 2320x1050 desktop is what is set. Needless to say, the second monitor can't handle 1050 vertical resolution. The environment reflects this as the test mode lets the cursor move offscreen at any vertical point on the 1680x1050 display. At no point does the cursor actually show up on the second display, although I can see the card changes its mode (seems to be overdriven).

I've tried using SaX2 to set both monitors to 640x480, and although the modes are apparently set, the test display only shows output on the Dell monitor, not the second display.

I've been looking for proper settings to override for the X configuration, but I'm not exactly sure where to take it from here under SaX2. I've also looked through "nVidia's accelerated linux driver set readme and installation guide" but I am just not sure where to take the config to at this point.
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