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An interesting idea.

Of course this statement is worrisome to me: "The Thing that will seperate the Nvidia, ATi, and XGi Fan forums is that No Obnoxious, aggressive, antagonistic, overly debative and other wise Contrary posts will be allowed. "

What is obnoxious, aggressive, et al to some is not to others. Just who decides what is "overly debative?"

I think having pure fanboy forums is an invitation for mass banning. Some people just like to cause trouble. Others are disgruntled fans. I also forsee a lot of misplaced topics. Even now there are constant Linux threads, Detonator threads, hardware rumor threads, and non-NVIDIA graphics card threads being posted in the NVIDIA section. How hard is it to post in the right forum? Yet I see misplaced threads daily. How easy will it be to enforce only pro-NVIDIA fanboy threads be placed in the proposed NVIDIA fan section? Let alone discussions that may eventually turn "sour." I think it will be extremely hard to make things flow smoothly.

I do understand that some people want a place where they don't have to hear anything negative about their products, whether it be FUD or the truth. I understand that some people also don't want to acknowledge products from other companies. Ideally these people could have a place of their own and would be able to live without "persecution." But will such a utopian forum structure really work...I have seen some people removed from this community for stepping over the bounds who provided valuable input. They broke the rules and they're gone, nothing to say about that. But I question how wise it would be to set up things that would promote the loss of forum members.
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