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Default Re: HDMI Audio Disabled on GeForce 7300 with newer drivers

To work around the problem I have been using an older Linux kernel with version 100.14.23 of the driver. Everything works great for HDMI audio. However it's apparently not possible to control the clock speed of the 7300 GPU with version 100.14.23 of the driver. The clock speed controls are there, but I guess they are ignored for the 7300 GPU.

I need to under clock the GPU to prevent nvidia xvmc related hangs/video corruption when doing xvmc assisted mpeg2 decode/display:

I'm in a bind. I need Version 100.14.23 for HDMI audio. But I need a newer version of the driver to stop hangs with the video playback.


It would be great to have an xorg.conf parameter to disable/enable HDMI audio manually and override what the driver does by default. Any chance this can happen? Are there any other work-arounds?

Thanks for any help.
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