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Default Re: Nvidia driver 180.60 will not install on kernel-rt

Originally Posted by damentz View Post
Well, you don't need to patch the kernel, just change a configuration option.
As mentioned, a kernel with real time preemption also stuttered and the stuttering
only disappeared after modifying /etc/openalrc. So I don't think a standard preemption
would help in this case!

Originally Posted by damentz View Post
You don't experience reduced throughput due to the overhead of a RT kernel.
While it is true that the overhead of an RT kernel reduces throughput
(maybe by 5%, so not really an issue for desktop operations), it will
not harm low bandwidth applications such as sound playback.

Originally Posted by damentz View Post
and lastly, proprietary modules continue to build correctly against the kernel as if you were using a stock distribution kernel anyway.
It happened to me a couple of times that vanilla or stock distribution kernels didn't
compiled with proprietary modules. Also, i hope it's only a question of time until
real-time preemption gets into mainline.

Originally Posted by damentz View Post
I don't understand why this option is not default on most desktop distributions.
You already mentioned the reason: decreased throughput!

The more real-time capabilities you want, the more throughput you have to
sacrifice. So the user can select between certain preemption variants
to find his personal trade-off between real-time and throughput.
I for one don't have a problem loosing 5% performance, but for a
data base admin, this would be a desaster :-) And since many
Linux distros are still mainly targeted for servers, low preemption
variants are prefered. Also, full and real-time preemption still have
sometimes have negative effects on stability.


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