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Default Re: Nvidia driver 180.60 will not install on kernel-rt

Originally Posted by JaXXoN View Post
You already mentioned the reason: decreased throughput!
No I didn't.

I was speaking of the invasive RT patches. Kernel preemption already included the mainline kernel already has a negligible performance impact. I have done a gaming benchmark in the past using phoronix benchmark suite to discover the performance parity between voluntary and kernel preempt.

Performance loss is negligible. Ingo's RT patches are a different story though - I have not benchmarked those and have no need to currently.

It happened to me a couple of times that vanilla or stock distribution kernels didn't
compiled with proprietary modules. Also, i hope it's only a question of time until
real-time preemption gets into mainline.
My car does not look green. Irrelevant, you didn't even specify which modules, their versions, and which kernel version. Building proprietary modules can be completely variable depending on how new your kernel is and how often the source provider of the module you are using stays up2date - you can't shotgun this predicament with, oh well it didn't work when i tried it. ??????
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