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Default Re: Nvidia driver 180.60 will not install on kernel-rt

Originally Posted by damentz View Post
Kernel preemption already included the mainline kernel already has a negligible performance impact.
I'm very well aware of these two facts.

Originally Posted by damentz View Post
Performance loss is negligible. Ingo's RT patches are a different story though - I have not benchmarked those and have no need to currently.
The time I benchmarked the rt patches about two years ago, the
performance loss was negligible, too.

Originally Posted by damentz View Post
you didn't even specify which modules, their versions, and which kernel version.
You didn't specify that, either, so I have been that fuzzy on purpose :-)

What I just wanted to say is: rt_preempt is about to enter mainline and
already worked fine along with the nvidia driver. If there is some regression,
then I'm interested to get that fixed. I currently don't have the need for
sub 30 microseconds hard real time requirements, right now, but in case
I urgently need it, it would be good to know that it is still working fine.


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